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8 Foods That Affect the Sex Life of Men

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Sexual life has ups and downs, problems and stress is noted as one of the main factors affecting men.

But, according to The Guardian, Business Insider and GQ, the sex life of the male gender is being destroyed by various factors, such as porn addiction and poor diet.

That men constantly live with low levels of testosterone, greatly reduces libido (the sex drive) causing poor performance and even erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone is not only responsible for a better sex life, its constant production in the body of man is essential to keep it healthy and avoid hormonal imbalances.

In addition, it keeps the prostate and testicles healthy, in addition to being responsible for boosting the development of muscles, bones and body beauty. So, it is better to avoid previous foods and focus on food to have more energetic days.

Here the foods that according to the mentioned portals affect the sexual life of men:


Why?: Commercially produced cheese has high levels of synthetic hormones, which prevents the ones we own operate properly. Not only does it reduce testosterone, women can feel drastic changes due to lack of estrogen.

Replaces with: Oysters… Although very different from cheese, it is another dish considered gourmet and – although not an aphrodisiac as many believe – its high content of zinc helps maintain good testosterone levels.


Why? Menthol is responsible for reducing testosterone levels. This applies both to mint candies, the little touch that is added to the mojitos and the plant alone.

Replaces with: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower. This type of vegetable helps the removal of estrogen outside the body, allowing the testosterone level naturally. In addition, they are much healthier and can be used as a snack or as a small ornament for a saucer.

Corn Flakes

Why?: Although it seems unusual, the Corn Flakes were created to diminish the sex drive. By creating a simple grain cereal, it lowers testosterone levels and makes libido disappear.

Replaces with: Whole or fortified cereals. There are better alternatives to commercial cereals. Some are high in Vitamin D (necessary to balance testosterone levels) and others are also focused on providing high nutrients to maintain a good diet.

Alcohol and diet drinks

Why?: In the case of diet drinks, artificial sweeteners affect testosterone and serotonin levels causing low libido. On the other hand, alcohol in large quantities serves as a depressant for the body and prevents it from functioning properly, completely reducing sexual desire (or affecting its performance). In fact, beer prevents the liver from eliminating estrogen, hormone contrary to testosterone.

Replaces with: Milk… of course, nothing can replace alcohol, but at least low-fat milk has vitamin D that ensures you maintain proper levels.

Microwave Popcorn

Why?: In addition to popcorn sweeteners also motivate low testosterone levels, they can cause prostate problems.

Replace with: Watermelon or grapes. The first, in addition to helping the release of testosterone, improves blood flow. And, according to research in Hong Kong, grapes motivate the body to produce that hormone.


Why?: Phytoestrogens simulate the behavior of the hormone produced mainly by women, so both women and men may have hormonal imbalances for this product.

Replace with: Tuna or red meat. The former is linked to high levels of testosterone thanks to vitamin D. It also ensures a prolonged activation of the hormone. Red meat, although still considered bad for health (in excess) is ideal to recover testosterone.

Sweet bread (Trans fats)

Why?: Any food high in sugar puts testosterone levels at risk because it triggers the hormone insulin, which causes fat stores in a small belly, which encourages the rise in estrogen levels and the Body has a hormonal problem, reducing the sex drive.

Replace with: Eggs… or more specifically, egg yolks. Although it is necessary to take care of cholesterol, that food is rich in Vitamin D, the essential that we have mentioned along this list.


Why?: Although it is also known as an aphrodisiac, in reality its effects are like that of a drug, so, after giving the feeling of euphoria, the mood levels go down and with them, those of testosterone.

Replaces with: Bananas. This fruit has an enzyme called bromelain, which influences the production of the hormone of which we have spoken. It is a better snack that also gives energy to the body.

Top 5 Ways To Have More Energy After Age 40

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

If you are reading this inside the United States, you are probably aware that popular culture nowadays is a “quick fix” mindset. We want a pill or quick fix to everything, ignoring the deeper problems that cause whatever discomfort or ailment that we might be suffering from. This tendency to just bury problems with fast solutions causes the problems to pile up, and we become ticking time bombs.

As the body ages, cellular processes continually require the recycling of nutrients and energy to operate efficiently. As we age, especially after age 25, our hormonal systems begin to slow. Hormones like testosterone, growth hormone, IGF-1 among others begin to decline. These are responsible for sexual energy and vigor, as well as general well being, motivation, and the feeling of ‘ambition’ especially in men.

You may have noticed as you’ve gotten older that you just don’t have the “zest” for things like you used to, right?

Well, don’t fret. There are a few ways to get everything operating at maximum capacity again.

1.) Begin to exercise if you don’t already

This might seem obvious, but adding some regular exercise into your daily routine can provide tremendous benefits to anyone who is feeling slow and sluggish. Simply getting blood flowing is enough to recycle nutrients and even just wake you up.

2.) Cut out simple sugars and obvious “junk” food – including alcohol

You might be surprised how much of an impact your diet has on the way that you feel. A slight tweak in diet, eliminating simple sugars, and other obvious “junk” foods is a good place to start. Another good technique is to not eliminate bad foods necessarily, but to slowly start to add healthy foods in. The idea is the healthy foods provide additional nutrients that eventually the healthy foods will edge out the bad ones.

3.) Do something you are afraid of

Part of getting older is getting stuck in the monotony of routine, and becoming comfortable with complacency. Don’t get stuck in this trap. You only get one life, and some of the most rewarding things you will ever do are hiding behind a thinly veiled lie of fear. Jump off the cliff and build the plane on the way down, you won’t regret it. The excitement of the change this will manifest will invigorate you.

4.) Try Fasting

Many have heard the spiel – Our ancient ancestors hunted every few days, made a kill, feasted, and then rested for a few days like a bunch of lazy high schoolers. This anecdote has some truth, however. A simple method of intermittent fasting is to simply wait until noon to eat. From there, do not eat past 8 pm. Eating within this 8 hour window will maximize your body’s nutrient partitioning abilities, and ensure you maximize the muscle building capability and minimize the fat storage potential of the foods you eat. It will also tremendously increase your energy throughout the day.

5.) Try adding a DHEA Supplement

Especially after age 25, in men and women, the body’s natural DHEA production slows. DHEA is responsible for the formation of many natural hormones including testosterone. This is important in both men and women, and plays important roles in both sexes. Those who are deficient in DHEA find they immediately notice an increase in energy and well-being when adding it into their daily exercise and nutrition regiment.